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You’ve served your country and have been injured…you DESERVE compensation. If the VA has denied your claim for benefits, if you received a less than favorable disability rating, or if you need an increased disability rating, call us for a free consultation. We do not collect a fee unless we are successful.


Our VA accredited attorneys have spent years learning the requirements and processes necessary to most effectively handle veterans’ claims. In fact, some of our staff members are also disabled Veterans and/or medical professionals. Our attorneys have invested a considerable amount of time keeping up-to-date with the most current information, and we are aware of additional benefits available for service-connected veterans in need of home health care or special medical ratings. We can interpret the rating table for your injury or illness and are mindful of the many factors involved in a rating percentage. Veterans’ disability lawyers have dedicated their business lives to the service of our country’s veterans who have earned and deserve disability compensation and come equipped with a well-informed “toolkit” to help you win your case.

Legal counsel can not only help develop and support your case for disability compensation, but can also find a healthcare provider willing to assist you in presenting additional evidence in support of your claim. Additionally, our lawyers can assist with preparation of your appeal(s) if your disability claim has been denied. Having such a professional in your corner relieves the burden that is all-too-often placed on a veteran, his or her family and friends. Your time and energy will be better spent working to alleviate the effects of the illness or injury for which you’re seeking disability from the VA.

When you hire our lawyers to represent you, they will guide you through the complexities of your claim and ensure your best chances for success. At Bullock & Wood, PLLC we will represent you and guide you through your claim’s complexities. Call our Jackson office today at 1- 601-709-3584 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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